Loving One Another


What does that look like?

What does it feel like?

How do you promote it?




What does Love look like?

You'll know it when you see it.

of course
know best what criteria it should involve,
by deciding what ingredients matter most.

By qualifying your condition
through comparison of the way things are
verses how they ought to be.

Through Wisdom
we obtain a blueprint from Mind
which allows us to view things within the context of Love,
Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Often harsh... the only fair way to gauge anyone or anything is by results.
Results are what's real.
How does someone know they're insane...?
By continuing to do the same thing(s) and expecting different results.

When you've strengthened your self-confidence
and steadied your self- esteem,
which is the awareness of memory, consciousness, and insight,
you find ground to stand on
which scaffolds you to a very bright and prosperous future;
according to your ingrediant's criteria.

What the brain can see...
and believe...
it bends over backward to acheive
and make come to pass.

If you dwell on things improperly
by constantly comparing things to what makes you feel bad, or tense
or how things were differently in the old days
or in terms of what destroys and makes you feel less than
then those are the kinds of things you are attracting to you.

Its up to you as to whether you are happy or sad most of the time.

There is no law in the universe that says you need entertain pain.
You may have to endure it but you needn't dwell on it forever.

Once again... What does Love look like?

Well, if you want an idea of what to look for
ask the Creator.
(What-so-ever Hero/God you believe in.)

In your mind,
picture yourself sitting at a computer which is networked
into the Angelic Communications System
and type on your keyboard "What's next?"

Press the enter key
and know an email has has been sent to
"The Source of All that Is!"

Then as you find yourself in future situations
that require similar criteria
You'll have at your disposal
patterns of behaviours that will result
in what-so-ever is True, Beautiful, and Good,
Fabulous, Deserving, and Rich,
Happy, Gorgeous, and Healthy,
Wholesome, Sexy, and Nurturing.

Get the idea?

When you entertain only those kinds of things
you don't have time to dwell on the crap.
When you allow God to fill your mind with thought's of God's design...
when you allow God to fill your heart with feelings of God's design...

Get the picture?

What you see is what you get.

That which you put upon the altar of your attention
is what you worship.

The function of Worship
is One of the Seven Secrets of the Mind.

One of the Secret Functions of the Mind is Wisdom.

This is the ability to do today
that which will feel good tomorrow as well.

This is one of the most powerful examples
of receiving a reply e-mail from the Source as to what to look for in Love.

God's will for us
is to learn how to love...
(and love within the perameters
of the highest interests for all concerned,)
in liberty.

Take for example
if you are currently a candidate for sex
can you find another equally viable candidate for sex?
Are you sexually active because you want to be...
are they there because they are indeed a potential candidate for sex?
Have you advertised yourself as a candidate for sex?

Have you read their list of ingredients
or are you setting yourself up for a surprise of a lifetime?
Hidden agenda's that you'd want to know
you make any lifetime commitments?

Are you applying Love to all your actions?
Do you calculate the consequences of your actions into your equations?

Are you content with your identity
and satisfied that you are concerned
for the health and wellfare of everyone involved
in this act of sex...
making love to another?

If not
then it's your responsibility to change
what-so-ever needs changing
in order to live within an environment
that promotes Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Spiritual, Mental and Physical health are paramount to your self-image,
and how you feel about yourself is the one thing that matters most to you .
As you are growing up
to become more God-like
are you starting to understand
what it means to be mature in your thinking.

Becoming aware of the response-ability of the mind?
Because mind will respond when you tell it to.

When you aren't one way one moment and another way the next.
When you find stability in believing only the best for yourself.
When you learn to put behind you those things that make you feel bad,
not for the purpose of denial,
but rather to know that there are some things you just cannot change
or do anything about.

Learn how to discern those things which are directed to you personally
verses impersonally.

This will assist you
in not making the mistake
of believing that other people
see the world the way you do;
or, as you think they should.

If you expect that other people's senses, sensitivities and sensibilities
match your own
then you are setting yourself up for failure.
What's going on in someone elses mind/world is for them to see, only.
That is their perogative...
it is their privelege.
That is the dynamics of what is personal.

Im-personality is every thing else.

What you see going on for you is your perogative
and your privelege.
No one else can know what you know.

Begin by enjoying
knowing you are not alone in your experience
by realizing you have a fragment of God within you
that feels, and sees,
everything you are
with you.
You are not alone in your experience.
You have the background of the Kingdom of Heaven available to you
as the backdrop for the movie of your life.


A listing,
of all of the most positive attributes
that can apply to being human today,
is available in the book , The Be Attitudes by Be Be
The English language contains over half a million words.
Of those there are approximately 1,300 words that represent something good
and would happen to describe
being in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To view this list please visit www.TheBeAttitudes.com

Then you'll get an idea of what it means to become fully realized as a human being.

Realize your potential.

Actualize your dreams.

Set and attain your goals .

Fabricate your fantasies.

Experience the expressing of Love

How Do You Promote It?

Try to outgive the universe.
I dare you...
you can't.
I tried and I couldn't.

Try and be an angel for someone...
and angels will be there for you.

Promote it
by first seeing it for yourself,
then for others.

Become a loveable,
personable person.

Next... become aware of your unique certainty.
There is no other like you.
Scan your many qualities
and realize the rough edges are smoothing off
through time and experience,
but that there is something uniquely certain about you.

Apply a favorable inclination
toward only picturing good things happening,
as you think,
so it will be
not only for yourself
but as many others as well.

You have many abilities to express yourself.
Only cowardly-ness is holding you back,
...either that or else its laziness.

What's up with that?

You decide that you are energetically involved in creating your life.

You be the Tour Guide,
if you need a tour guide surrogate
then for further information.

We are dedicated to promoting
humans touching humans...
and learning about ourselves
and what it would look like if we lived in a world
steeped in the spiritual juices of Love.

What if we described what the world looked like...
in the eyes of love...
through a penchant for looking on the brighter side of life.

When you begin to discover yourself
on a more advanced world
you would have discovered that at about the age of 5 to 6 years
you had a spiritual birthday.
On this day... a divine fragment of God came to live inside you.
On this day... you became pregnant with a spiritual fetus
and this mortal life is to be but the womb for your potential spiritual being.

Some of us have lived in more loving environments
and therefore have been able to enjoy the fruits
of other loving spiritual people.

Some people are less fortunate
and are missing out on the experiences of a loving family.
And, only by our adopting a loving attitude toward others
will they be able to see the loving side of life.

How do you promote love?
By learning how to love yourself.
What ever that may look like.
When you love yourself
you love others
it's like nourishing your spiritual fetus
and theirs.
Don't let your babies starve to death.

"Love one another" was one of the most profound and ultimate urges
anyone could have ever come up with.
What does that look like?

Let a bright cheery outlook in life
bloom in your mind each morning you awaken .

Know that good, positive things are on their way.

Know something goods gonna happen at any time.

Be interested in others
and others will become interested in you.
Be curious about how they are each day
by being personal first.

Say "How are you?"...
and then listen.

Show personal concern for others... first...
then turn the attention toward the impersonal.

Secondly, take care of the impersonal,
the mundane informational exchanges
and activities that help coordinate our business functions
and improvments for the environment and products around you.

Don't make it a habit to be impersonal first,
...then trying to be personal.
You can't have one without the other
and it just isn't as effective as being personable first.

Yes! Especially in the office!

Take a chance at being as personal as possible.
Discern who likes you quickly and size up the suspicious as they appear.
Nevermind the idiots who are too shallow
and have no depth to their thinking.


Small people talk about people,
Mediocre people talk about things
and, Great people talk about ideas and the ideals that go with them.

People will open up like they never did before.
Showing interest in you....
...and don't worry about looking like you're brown nosing someone
or kissing their ass.

As long as this is not the motive you proceed by...
people will come to recognize that you are genuinely interested in them.

Chum up with others by

... being excited about their accomplishments...

... being willing to explore the many sides of being human...

... being willing to reveal your hidden agendas
when they rear their ugly little heads,
as they rear their ugly little pazzooties...


Learn how to be excited about your dreams and
believe that they can come true for you.

Learn how to explore becoming who you want to be
and go for it.

Don't let others bring you down
with their judgements,
and mis-applied comments.

Don't allow them to act as Tour Guides for Guilt Trips.
Fire their asses if they try to do that.

Just put all these behind you
where you know they're there
but you can't look at them...
you can't see them.
(You can't see what's behind you can you?)

And, speaking of not being able to reach your own back...
everyone else around you can't either.
Guess what...

One way you can get your back scratched properly,
is by getting someone to do it for you
by being willing to do it for them first,
or finding someone or something else that will work as a surrogate.

A tree, a stick,
and the many ingenious devices that we have invented
down through the ages
work fine as surrogates
but you still have to voice the desire
to be scratched.

At first there is the thought
then there is the reaction.

Action comes before reaction.

Make your action one of giving a rub to someone else first
and then, receiving one as a result.

Some people have a reaction first
and then proceed to think about what caused it.

When we're young...
we are one constant question mark.
Why..., because...
Why..., because...
Why..., BECAUSE our parents yell out.

Sometime... our parents don't have the answer...
and this is dis-heartening...
because they could only give us
what they themselves were given...

"Bless their hearts...
if they had any more
they surely would have given more
as they had received."

It just wasn't in them to be judgeless,
or nourishing,
or patient.
They believed their mortal lives to be in danger...
and also sought spiritual surrogates to fullfill their short comings.

They believed that it was a prerequisite of the Universe
that you had to entertain pain,
(you only have to endure it for a short time)
that you had to be saved,
(you're already a child of God.)
that you had to watch out for others
because they're basically bad and not worth the bother,
(they... are your brothers and sisters.)

I want to tell you a story.
This story takes place a long time ago
in a land far away...
and it was about this woman
who stood outside the gates of a wonderous city...

Through out the day various people would approach her
to learn what kind of city it was.

She'd reply to them, "what kind of city did you come from?"

They'd sometimes reply...
"Oh, it was terrible.
There was violence in the streets
and much coming and going without regard for each other."

She'd answer, "Well...
that's what kind of a city this one is."

They'd move on to avoid what they most feared
because that's in their nature... to fear...
and thereby attract with their negativity
all these charged negative objects of thinking
into their daily lives,
into their view of the world.

Still others came up to her and said,
"hello Miss, can you tell us what kind of city this is?"

She'd reply to them, "...what kind of city did you come from?"

"Oh!", they'd say..."
"We hated to leave our old city because it was filled with
civic minded individuals
who wanted to live in peace.

There were parks and recreation centers
for entertainment
and actitives for everyone to enjoy.

And because all able-minded and able-bodied individuals
contributed equally
(ten pecent)
to the same civic fund
within the perameters of their incomes,
their city lacked for nothing.

3% of this general fund went toward supporting Truth,
3% went toward Beauty,
and, 3% went to advanced Goodness.
The last one percent went into an account
to insure against infirmities and old age.

We had the most wonderfully administrated public works
and everyone enjoyed clean water,
ample living space,
full oportunities at education
and life improvement facilities.

Public offices were filled
by those who had proven their leadership abilities
in the private sector first
and in retirement considered it a privledge
to occupy an office with no financial remunerations.
(They didn't need it...
they were already secure in their honest financial successes
and per diem was not required.)

There were many friends to be had
and made in various popular social settings
starting with similar hobbies
and atheletic activities, etc
The military had evolved war into games
rather than actual property destruction
no animal, in it's right mind would pollute it's own cage...
(and face it people we all live on one planet,
it's the only cage we have.)

She said, "Tell me more!"

They went on and on about how they spent their lives
and their loves we're many and splendid.
Everyone enjoyed the variety
and security of mature humans
loving and nurturing each other.

We had a central temple which was dedicated to the Universal Mother/Father God
resulting in unity in our spiritual worshiping
rather than uniformity.

We promoted myths and folklores
about our mutual hopes and dreams,
legends of passionate love affairs
mores of intimate relationships
journey's and explorations,
we consumed them, and we were nourished thereby.

We had places of residence
where no titled home property
could be sold without certain criteria being met.

For instance...
circuit breaker boxes had to be clearly labled
to indicate which appliances were controlled by which circuit breaker...
- an electrical map if you would.

The original blueprint for the property had to be included as part of the title.

Each appliance had to be clearly marked as to when it went into service.

There could be no less that 50,000 square feet
belonging to the immediate, contiguous property.

It could be occupied only by a single family unit.

Multiple generational occupancy was prohibited...
singles had to live in apartments according to their age.

Our aged population was well cared for and healthy.

The description of a single family unit
included any two individuals who were concerned with the upbringing and care of children.

Manufacturers were as concerned about the recycling of their packaging
as they were about the packaging itself.

These and many more wonderful things we had to leave behind
simply because we wanted to move to a new city.

She said... "Welcome...
that's what kind of city this one is."

And they found out that it was almost the same city... very wonderous indeed.


Get the idea that I'm trying to relay to your mind.
The concept is advance and you have to be a mature adult
to fully comprehend and understand everything I've tried to portray to you.

Maturity is not simply aging
and fruition of bodily functions.

A human being becomes mature
when they become aware of the response - abilites of their mind.

Becoming aware of their thinking.

Thought is the final frontier.

Quality of thinking will become
the hallmark of an actuallized, idealized human being.

These abilites are nurtured by learning
through trial and error of course.

You have to be a guardian angel
for what kinds of thinking you allow for yourself.

Do you stinky think?

Are you a poopy - doodoo thinker?

Are you sloppy in your thinking?

A lackadaisical,

lackluster thinker?

Are you interested in improving your status as a mature human being or not?


What positive qualities would you want your lover to have?
Make a list of all the things you like about them,
or would like about them.

Don't forget to make a separate list
for all the things you don't like about them.

Notice if you're spending more time on one list
than the other.

Write down why you like yourself more
when they're around.

What kind of a catalyst are they for you.

Are they free of any unresolved emotional bagage?

Do they remind you of any previously spoiled relationships
or is it like having a fresh slate
and everything continualy feels new about them
and, yourself..

Are they free of any sexually transmittible diseases?

Are they aware that there is a lot of dirt in the world
and they can't go around sharing their patootie with just anyone.
Are they willing to be safely monogamous?
And, then able to be truthful enough to inform you
when anything has changed?

These are their ingrediants.

Pay attention to the list.




More of a given than a taker.

Go to The Be Attitudes for a more thorough list.



Welcome to the Reign Beau

Where Hugz and Kisses

will be yours forever!


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