"Rub One Another

As I Have So Rubbed You!"




With Hugz and Kisses!



"When two particles come into contact with one another...
they forever remain an influence upon one another."




I invented a technique of rubbing another persons back
called "Knuckle-Walking"
It involves moving your knuckles back and forth with your wrist
as you move them all over the other persons back.

I have done this for thousands of people throughout the past 20 years.
I have even done this to "famous" people.
i.e. Richard Bach and Buckminster Fuller.

To learn more about this please .

When I go to parties, I start with people in the kitchen
and soon there's a line of people awaiting their turn
for a "Knuckle-Walk."

They report that they feel exhilerated and euphoric.

They say I should go into business as a massage therapist.

I have never charged for Knuckle Walking people
and I don't want to.
I like giving it away for free.
You see... I'm trying to outgive the Universe.

People look forward to seeing me again.
They've learned that I am one who will make them feel better.

Even scratching the backs of my fellows
makes me a wanted person.

And, the coup de tat is...
when someone comes over to my house...
I pull out the wash clothes and pail and ask them to take off their socks.
Then I proceed to wash and rub their feet with massage oil.

Boy! Oh Boy!
Do they ever love that.

You see there are many ways that you can...

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