The Four Genders


Like it or not,
everything's not just black and white.
There are shades of gray, thank God... and Goddess.

These two extremes are actually very complimentary.
They represent ideals of the same coin.
On the one hand you've got... one side,
and on the other hand... you have... the other side.

You cannot have one with out the other.
Likewise, male and female are opposite sides of the same species,
in species that aren't asymmetrical; androgynous.

People who see God as only Male, a father,
are monoptic; cycloptic.
You can't have a father without also having a mother.
The concept is not plausible, probable or possible.
People who see God as both a father and mother have stereo-vision.


What's true is...
that taken to extremes...
things (thoughts) can get very out of balance.

You can either get blinded by the light or subdued by the darkness.
The only reason light and darkness exist
is because they give dimension to the tree in-between.
Or, the flower or the landscape... you get the point.

Light can only be measured by the darkness surrounding it.
Beauty is the variety of contrasts.

Now we understand that...
on to the Four Genders.

We have, female, masculine female, feminine male. and male.

Look around you...
there are women who have masculine traits
and men who have feminine traits.

There are men who are very male and women who are very female.

The first thing people want to know about a newborn
is whether they have an innie or an outtie.

Which direction does their plumbing go.

This serves to help us identify them
and help them begin to identify themselves.

We think that just because of an appendage (or not) we are thereby defined.

Most people aren't aware of what they are and are struggling to define that self image.

"We are spirits in a material world." Sting

We are the mortal womb of a spiritual fetus.
We are a spiritual fetus in a mortal womb.

Guess what people...
You haven't truly been born yet.

You are in a 100 year gestation cycle. (+ or - 20 years)

This life is going to determine which direction you will be going in
throughout the rest of your eternal ascension career.

You will end up being the ideal of either side
but for right now you are still formulating and becoming.

Nothings set in stone.

And, you think this is life?

Wait till you awaken in the resurrection halls on Mansonia
on that great Resurrection Morning; the Dawn of your Eternal Ascension Career.

Then will all your hopes and dreams really begin to happen.

You will move from the mortal to the morontial.
If you'd like to know more about the source
that revealed this information


Love to you and may you enjoy beginning to see the differences we represent.

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